How to Create Your Own Winter Wonderland Decorations

  • Posted on August 15, 2012 at 6:17 pm

You can create your own winter wonderland decorations to give your home a festive look and feel. With careful planning, you can have your home ready for the holidays in no time. You can put your own touch on your winter wonderland decorations. In addition to including icicles and snowflakes, these displays usually feature festive colors like silver, blue, green, and red. Make sure to choose the colors that best suit your taste.

Getting Started

You can create an enchanting scene that will transform your home. For instance, you can create the illusion of a snowfall by hanging twinkling lights along the top of your walls. You can give your holiday-themed scenery a more realistic look by using lights that are shaped like snowflakes. Cut construction paper into little snowflake shapes. Put some glitter on them and hang them from the ceiling. You can also hang balloons that are shaped like snowflakes from the ceiling.


Wreaths can add a nice touch to your winter wonderland decorations. Find one that is covered with artificial snow, a little greenery, and red berries. This will bring some warm color to your display. You can also put some winter wonderland decorations in front of your home. Decorate the entrance to your home with artificial snow, a white sheet, or stretched cotton. Place it on the ground to give the outside of your home a wintry look. Put a big snowman nearby. You can take a can of artificial snow and spray it on your mirrors and windows.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree can add to the holiday feel. You can either buy a white tree or sprinkle a green one with artificial snow. Decorate the tree with twinkling static white lights. Put some tinsel and sliver beads on the tree.

If you really want to give your tree a wintery look, hang some glittery snowflakes, clear glass balls, and crystal icicle shapes. You can give your tree some warmth by hanging red berries, snowmen, and angels. Place an angel or a silver star at the very top of the tree.

Table Decorations

You can transform nearly any flat surface in your home into a decorated winter wonderland. Tables, mantels, and counters are good places for you to put ornaments and other decorations. Cover your kitchen table with a white cloth or cotton to give it a snowy look.

This will be the foundation for the decorations. Give this area its own unique wintery theme. You can use ornaments, centerpieces or place mats shaped like snowflakes. Set the table with plates which have a wintery theme. One suggestion is to use plates which are decorated with images of snowflakes or snowmen.

You can easily create your own centerpiece. One idea is to place white pillar candles on silver candle holders. Another idea is to make some artificial snowballs. Get some Styrofoam balls, put a little glue on them, and sprinkle them with glitter.

Put some rocks and sand into a litter silver bucket. Tie a white ribbon around the bucket. Place some willow branches into the bucket. You can paint the branches white to give them more of a wintery look. Winter wonderland decorations are easy to make. It just takes some creativity.

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